Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Your information belongs to you and this should always be the case across time and space. Indochina Sails understands the importance of protecting personal data and we respect and value the privacy rights of all of our customers. The following information concerns all of the online data that we encounter and is in-line with the latest GDPR regulations.

What is personal data? In this case, personal data is any online information that could potentially be used to identify an individual.

DISCLAIMER: We aren’t selling your personal information to a secret world government super power.


When a guest uses our online services to book a holiday with Indochina Sails, it is no secret that we acquire the following information: name, gender, address, email address, phone number, fax number, social media profile data, and credit card information. We may also ask for information related to your travel preferences so that we can specialise your service for you.

All reservations (regardless of whether they’re made directly or through a travel agent) should provide all necessary passport information at least 24 hours before your arrival for registration purposes. Please be aware that should you choose to book through a travel agent, then your chosen third party will have access to details including your: full name, DoB, passport number, and visa expiry date.

We may also ask for information related to your travel preferences so that we can specialise your service for you. Via indirect reservations (eg through third parties such as travel agents), we only receive the names of guests.

When we meet our customers, we are obliged under international law to take a copy of their passports. We provide an e-copy of this to the Vietnamese Immigration Department - Public Security of Quang Ninh Province. This information is only used in cases of national interest for immigration, visa, and emergency purposes.


This is data that can’t be used to decipher an individual identity. Eg - Demographic data, browser & device data.

We do not use cookies on our websites. We don’t see it necessary to collect and manipulate any other aggregated data. We are a leading tour company and our service sells without the use of e-data collection and analysation.


Any data that we collect is simply used to complete your booking and for legal immigration purposes. That is it.

If this ever changes and we intend to share your data with an outside party, we are legally obliged to inform you. At which point our customers get the opportunity to opt-out.


We make sure that client information isn’t utilised in any way which it hasn’t been given approval for by the owner (you). We don’t offer, rent, exchange or give any information to third parties for any purpose not stated in these details.

In order to eliminate unauthorized use, your credit card data is sent securely from your browser to our reservations office. Credit card numbers are used just for payment processing and are not kept for marketing purposes. No credit card data is stored on our servers.

We ask that you don't send us any delicate data through email. Credit card data should just be given to us by means of the online reservation booking engine or form, which encrypts your Credit card data to guarantee your security, or by reaching our reservations office.


If you would like to access, change, or remove your Personal Data that you have previously provided to us, or are looking to exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, you can contact us at  


Of course, personal data related to all bookings is stored in a protected online database and it remains there for several months after the guests’ stay. This is important for referrals in case of complaints and/or emergencies. This data is eventually deleted.


By using any of the Indochina Sails websites you recognise and agree with the Indochina Sails Privacy Policy and also that of the Vietnamese immigration law.

You concur that Indochina Sails won't be held subject for any misfortune, damage, or other harm that emerges from the utilization of this site, including the dissemination of data that is provided by other third parties contributing to this site. Indochina Sails additionally maintains authority needed to change, whenever, any of the terms and conditions and to adjust, include, or expel segments of this Privacy Policy.

In the event that you don't agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, we ask that you avoid utilizing this website and we will provide other means to you to book your reservations as well as obtain information on our vacation experiences