Special Theme Cruise

With over twenty years in the luxury cruising industry we have seen it all. If you are looking to organize an event then look no further, as we have all manners of experience. We now offer new and improved event packages for corporate events, seminars, cocktail parties, product launches, birthdays, weddings and honeymoons. Please contact us to receive the latest offers and to secure an unforgettable experience on Vietnam’s world-renowned waters

Gala Dinner on Sundeck

Food is not only a biological imperative but a crucial cultural imperative. Treat yourself and share the meal of a lifetime with the people you love atop the sundeck of a classically designed French-Indochinese cruise ship. This exclusive opportunity allows guests to customize their meal, and select a theme, be it a national cuisine or a religiously inspired feast. Complete your experience with decorations, great food and drink, greater company, and a musical performance.

Gala Dinner In Cave

Few Lan Ha experiences can be as memorable as the exclusive cave dinner offered by Indochine Cruise. This is a dinner served within the unique atmosphere of one of Lan Ha’s caves, complete with white linen tables and chairs capable of accommodating intimate services. Candlelight adds a touch of haunting beauty to your evening experience and helps to forge the most exquisite memories.

Floating Platform Dinner

If guests want a truly original dining experience, we also provide a dining service on a floating island (platform). With formal decoration to complete the occasion this is a novel way to spend your evening and it’s a dining experience not easily forgotten

Floating Bar

The floating bar is another original idea conceptualized and executed by the Indochina Sails and Indochine Cruise team. Whilst our guests enjoy a kayak activity in a secluded lake only accessible through a cave, staff members bring a row boat to act as a floating bar from which everyone can enjoy a tipple whilst on their own kayaking adventure

Dinner On Beach

Invite your own guests to your own customized dinner on one of the most tranquil beaches in the Lan Ha Bay complex. Enjoy a simplistically decorated alfresco dining experience with the sand between your does and a cold beer between your thumb and fingers. Relax under an Asian sun with the cooling breeze from the South China sea blowing through your hair. From the cuisine to the décor, this dinner experience is designed by you. Make it your own, and indulge in fine food with fine company.
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