Why Cruise with Indochina Sails?

Why cruise with Indochina Sails? Find out for yourself by booking onto one of our tours in Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay today.

It may be a surprise to some that Indochina Sails, one of the first companies to offer tours of breath-taking Halong Bay, can still be finding more ways to expand 20 years after its birth. Our company still remains fully committed to bringing the beauty of Halong Bay to both our domestic and international guests, and our newest venture – the Indochine Cruise – reflects that dedication perfectly.

From May 2019 guests will be offered access to a new land experiencing its dawn in tourism. The Indochine Cruise is the newest cruise in Lan Ha Bay, a seascape full of Halong’s famous limestone spires, rugged caves and golden sands, but with far fewer tourist boats and much more in the ways of space and calm atmosphere. Here are a few reasons why cruising with Indochina Sails and the Indochine Cruise is a dependable choice when visiting Vietnam.                                                                                                                                                                                              


Our Experience

When tourism came to Halong Bay in the 1990s, Indochina Sails was one of the earliest companies on the scene. Our legacy will always be attached to Halong Bay’s overnight cruises, of which we were the first to offer before this became one of the most popular ways to see the bay’s self-evident beauty.

Since our initial steps into this distant and evocative land, we most certainly haven’t looked back. Indochina Sails has managed to stay at the top of its game through exquisite service, innovative itineraries and a real desire to impart the wonders of Halong Bay to our passengers.

Our management team has been dedicated to this vision for the two decades that we have been operating Halong Bay cruises. Through their own travels throughout the world and their experiences in Vietnam’s number one tourist destination, our team has amassed a level of knowledge and expertise that sets us far apart from other cruise companies.

On TripAdvisor, Indochina Sails’ years of work have paid off with an amazing 8 ‘Certificates of Excellence’, putting us in the top 10% of countries in the world and making solid our position as one of Halong Bay’s most trustworthy and reputable cruise companies.                                                                                                                    


Our Stance on Responsible Tourism

We believe, at Indochina Sails, that respect for the people and the environment in which we sail should come as standard for every tour we offer. This fundamental belief of our company has influenced our decisions over the years and has given us an ever-increasing desire to give back to the rightful owners of Halong Bay.

To this end we introduced our responsible tourism initiative. The program of our initiative is based not only in donations, but also practical assistance and the regulations of our cruise.

The children of Halong Bay’s fishing villages were some of the first to experience the goodwill of Indochina Sails through donations of money, uniforms and equipment to their schools. We also celebrate International Children’s Day and the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival by inviting kids onto our Halong Bay cruise.

Regular clean-up efforts help to rid Halong Bay of plastic waste floating in the ocean and found at beaches. This ties into all of our ships’ standardised policies on eco-friendly materials, which drastically reduce the amount of plastic we use in favour of glass and more natural alternatives. We also ensure that many of our other materials come from renewable sources and that wastewater is properly treated before being discharged.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


The Peak of Luxury

There is a great amount of diversity and individuality between all of the Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay cruises; yet one glance at any of our magnificent vessels will be the perfect answer to why you should cruise with Indochina Sails.

Luxury stretches throughout both the Indochina Sails and the Indochine Cruise, both of which are 5-star quality and offer guests an array of facilities in which they are invited to indulge. Our luxury Halong Bay cruise provides extravagance through well-lit bedrooms with graceful en suites, as well as a beautiful interior of restaurant, bar and lounge. The Indochina Sails is characterised by free space and true relaxation, encapsulated best on the gorgeous sundeck made of dark, aromatic wood.

Similarly, our Lan Ha Bay cruise reaches top levels of luxury, including additional amenities built to accommodate for guests of our 36 cabins. Each of these cabins is highly modern and draped in colonial elegance, together with universal balconies and a bathroom of beauty and practicality. Two fantastically decorated restaurants, a jacuzzi space, dark velvet lounge, spa and expansive sundeck put the Indochine Cruise at the very crest of excellence in the realms of Lan Ha Bay cruises.                                                                                                                                                           


Unique Experiences

Aside from our experience and luxury, Indochina Sails has famously been known for the highly individual excursions offered on our cruises. We fill our roles as innovators by offering fresh ways to absorb the majesty of Halong and Lan Ha bays.

One such way in which we do this is with our ‘floating bar’. This is an inclusion for some of our itineraries involving guests taking kayaks out onto the sea around our water-based bar, where our smiling crew will serve an array of snacks and drinks. Likewise, we are the only company to offer a truly magical candlelit dinner in a Lan Ha Bay cave, bookable via special appointment with our staff.

The Indochine Cruise is also the first cruise to offer multiple dining rooms for the freedom of our guests. Our restaurants will provide different types of food presented in different styles, meaning that passengers get to choose what they are feeling between buffet, set menu and a la carte meals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Flexible Services

Small groups asking why they should cruise with Indochina Sails have routinely found their answer on two of our smaller vessels – the Valentine Junk and the Valentine Premium.

With 5 and 2 cabins respectively, these small boats offer a much more intimate exploration of Halong Bay where the guest is in control. Both vessels offer a scaled-down version of the same great amenities and itineraries that Indochina Sails is known for, while the attention offered by the staff reaches an altogether more refined and personal level.

Our idea in providing vessels between 2 and 43 cabins was to give guests the power of choice and flexibility in their options. We fully acknowledge that every passenger is different and will want to select a cruise based on the number of fellow passengers and intimacy of the services on offer.

Why cruise with Indochina Sails? Find out for yourself by booking onto one of our tours in Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay today.

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