Tai Chi in Halong Bay – Ancient Art Meets Prehistoric Seascape

 Ancient China provided a great amount of advancement in the Western world, not only through its inventions but also its philosophy. Confucianism and Taoism are two of the most recognizable today, as is the meditative activity that connects them – tai chi. Tai chi is supremely popular throughout the world as its physical and mental health benefits are staggering. On Indochine Cruise, a luxury cruise around Lan Ha Bay, we offer a blissful early morning of tai chi in front of one of Vietnam’s most jaw-dropping sunrises. Follow us as we take a look at tai chi in Halong Bay and how it can help you to get the most out of Vietnam’s top travel destination.

What is Tai Chi?

While the origins of tai chi may be shrouded in mystery, absolutely no one is disputing its popularity today. Fundamentally, tai chi is a Taoist activity seeking to balance the yin and yang, the feminine, passive dark and masculine, active light sides of every human being. 

By some accounts, tai chi was inspired by the legend of Zhang Shanfeng who, in the 15th century, witnessed a fight between a crane and a snake and adapted their natural fighting stances and movements into a meditative martial art form. Other accounts attribute tai chi’s origins to Chen Wanting, a 17th-century soldier who retired from the army and pursued a simple life of agriculture, using his spare time to develop the moves that would go on to form the basis of future tai chi.

Regardless of the origin, tai chi on Halong Bay cruises follows the time-honored tradition of the art in its modern-day form. Little has changed about how tai chi operates since its humble beginnings, with the techniques established during those ancient times the ones still practiced across parks, pavements and any open spaces throughout the world.

Naturally, tai chi has enjoyed greater popularity in East Asia than anywhere else. Practicing tai chi in Vietnam is a way for visitors to connect with the spiritual soul of this side of the world and honor the long-held traditions of the country, where tai chi has found a hugely popular following and become part of the national identity.

What are the Benefits of Tai Chi?

The popularity of tai chi over its hundreds of years of existence is down to its sizeable benefits. Tai chi is an incredible medical tool for both the mind and body, with proven scientific evidence in benefitting the following factors:

  • Improved Muscle Strength and Flexibility – The consistent and slow lifting of limbs during a tai chi session is a fantastic way to strengthen muscles and loosen up the body. Especially those muscles in the core, back and near the joints are improved with regular tai chi, and noticeable differences in the ability to stretch limbs become apparent after just a few sessions.

  • Improved Balance – In particular for more elderly practitioners, tai chi can grant a huge benefit in the realms of bodily balance. The art makes those practicing it more aware of their body position in space, something that declines over age and leads to potentially serious falls.

  • Improved Air and Blood Flow – Tai chi requires the constant supply of air to the lungs and blood to the muscles. Doing this for sustained periods over time acts as a mild form of cardio exercise, one that can be hugely beneficial to the elderly or those with conditions like emphysema or bronchitis

  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression – The slow nature of tai chi is a perfect remedy to the rapid tempo of life in the modern world. Breathing and bodily movements are performed at a snail’s pace, helping to relax the mind not just during the session itself, but throughout the rest of the day. Of course, this is more pronounced on Halong Bay cruises offering morning tai chi, when the bay projects its most serene aura through outstanding mountains during unforgettable sunsets.

  • Improved Sleep – Insomnia is a problem that plagues many, but the meditative effects of just two tai chi sessions a week has been proven to improve sleep patterns significantly. This is the result of the stronger mental state that tai chi promotes and the releasing of sleep-inhibiting stress.

  • Easy, Cheap and Flexible – A huge part of the appeal of tai chi is the fact that practicing it can be done anywhere for free and with relatively little effort. Undoubtedly one of the best places to practice tai chi throughout the world is Vietnam, preferably in the presence of the country’s astounding green nature. In Halong Bay, tai chi sessions prove the flexibility of the art on top of cruises’ open sundecks while out at sea.

How is Indochine Cruise Perfect for Tai Chi sessions in Halong Bay?
Ever since Indochina Sails paved the way for overnight cruising in Halong Bay, tai chi has been an integral part of multi-day itineraries throughout the region. This legacy has continued 20 years later with our company’s newest venture, the Indochine Cruise, which features wonderful morning tai chi sessions held in one of the bay’s daily golden hours

Our Unique Sundeck
Those looking for where to practice tai chi in Vietnam will find their answer on the sundeck of Indochine Cruise. This is a gargantuan 1000m2 space, one of the largest sundecks in Halong Bay, all dressed in dark mahogany wood and decorated around the edges with potted plants and French colonial-era lampposts. Our Tranquil Route Indochine Cruise sails far away from the heavy traffic of Halong Bay, cruising through new and highly peaceful waterways in search of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s natural serenity. We find it in Lan Ha Bay, an area in the south of Halong that provides the same, internationally acclaimed scenery yet with far fewer boats in the water. Tai Chi classes held in Lan Ha Bay take on a distinctive feeling of serenity, as the sunrise here graces the sundecks of just a handful of cruise ships every day.

Our Luxury Ambience
As far as luxury Lan Ha Bay boat tours go, Indochine Cruise is right up there with the best. The 5-star luxury that permeates every inch of the ship also reaches the sundeck, which can be felt across ostentatious décor, high-quality furnishings and a deck of the smoothest wood. - Our Teacher All tai chi sessions with Indochine Cruise will be guided professionally by an accredited teacher. Their job is to bring the stress-eliminating movements and breathing of tai chi to our guests, all of whom will be able to participate regardless of age or health conditions. Indochine Cruise believes in sharing the wonders of our Vietnamese heritage with our guests. Along with hosting tai chi classes in Halong Bay, our 2 and 3-day luxury Lan Ha Bay tours offer up Vietnamese culture through ceramic and embroidery décor as well as colonial elegance, all with a backdrop of Lan Ha’s prehistoric beauty. Click here to learn more about our cruise and see how tai chi fits into Indochine Cruise’s itinerary.

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