Indochina Sails take actions to prevent Coronavirus

At the beginning of the year of the Rat year 2020, we would like to send our best wishes to our valued customers and your family as well.

Currently, the disease situation of Coronavirus (nCoV) is expanding quite complicatedly. In order to ensure health and safety of clients and employees at Indochina Sails, we already have measures to prevent any potential infection:

1. Indochina Sails provide dry hand wash gel in public areas, shuttle buses and accompanying guidelines on hand hygiene followed the World Health Organization.

2. Wet towels are replaced by dry hand wash and disinfection gel for clients to use during check in procedure and comeback to the boat after outdoor excursions.

3. Indochina Sails provide face masks at reception for anyone in need.

4. Indochina Sails use effective disinfectants-detergents in cleaning floor.

5. Cooking classes are temporary canceled and replaced by cooking demonstration in order to avoid touching.

6.  Indochina Sails give strong rules and standards on food safety at all Restaurant on boat. The strict hygiene policy for all food suppliers is also applied and supervised seriously.

7. If anyone has symptoms of coughs, fevers and breathing difficulties please let our staff know to help find the best possible treatment.

The temperature in Halong Bay is rising now, reaching 25oC. This is a positive signal for controlling the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, with all these method, we entirely could protect ourselves. We also should be calm, do not get overly stressed or anxious about the disease either. Lastly, stay informed with the facts by accessing WHO official website: https://www.who.int.

Viet Nam was the first country to be removed from the list of countries with local transmission of SARS in 2003. For this reason, we believe our strong action of hygiene steps alongside the governments of Vietnam can succeed the disease once again. Indochina Sails also take all responsibilities and abilities to ensure a safe trip for all of our guests.

Indochina Sails sincerely thank you for your sympathy and wish you a wonderful journey.

-Indochina Sails Team-


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