Meet Indochina Sails at AS560- WTM 2019

Between November 4th and 6th of this year, Indochina Sails will be at stand AS560 at the World Travel Market in London, which exhibits the best of accommodation, tours and destinations in 2019. At the 3-day market, we will be connecting with travel enthusiasts and experts looking for the next big thing in the world of travel.

 Here’s a little of what we’ll be exhibiting at WTM this year:

1. About Us

Indochina Sails is a household name in Halong Bay, Vietnam’s jaw-dropping world wonder of rock, forest and sea. Our company is part of the celebrated Huong Hai Group, with more than 20 years’ of experience and a lasting legacy as the first group to revolutionise cruise itineraries with the innovation of overnight cruising.

We have two cruises in our fleet – the eponymous Indochina Sails and the brand new Indochine Cruise. Both trail the waters of this twice-designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, seeking out adventure amongst limestone mountains and the sparkling sea that laps at their bases.

2020 will see the launch of another of our magnificent vessels – Indochine II. This 5-star luxury cruise will offer a new dimension to cruising in Halong Bay, featuring a unique design and fabulous amenities seen nowhere else in Vietnam’s number 1 tourist attraction. 

2. Our Route

The full beauty of Halong Bay is actually spread across 3 regions in the northeast of Vietnam– Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. All regions are comprised of the same showstopping natural splendour and it is the latter of these where our two newest cruises – Indochine Cruise and Indochine II – ply the waters.

Lan Ha Bay is a stunning collection of forested islands, with caves and coves piercing an emerald sea. What sets it apart from Halong Bay is the serenity on offer here. Lan Ha remains the most untouched bay and enjoys a stillness to it that is far removed from the many tourist boats of Halong Bay. The jewel of Lan Ha Bay is Cat Ba, a stunning island undulating with mountains, elevated forests and incredible caves.

Our route takes advantage of the beautiful peace of Lan Ha Bay and the exquisite natural assets of Cat Ba Island. On a 2 or 3-day tour with Indochina Sails, we’ll visit fishing villages, explore caves, go kayaking and much, much more.

3. Our Cruises

Both of our Lan Ha Bay cruises are the perfect encapsulations of our principal design. The evocative style of French Indochina is evident throughout both Indochine Cruise and Indochine II, creating an extraordinary experience for passengers who can revel in the luxury that goes hand-in-hand with the elegance of our ships.
Design – French colonial rule in Vietnam lasting a good part of the 19th and 20th centuries. The graceful mix of European and East Asian design that arose during this period finds a home on our cruises, spread across cabins, restaurants, a spa, a lounge and an exterior dressed in colonial elegance.
Luxury – Indochine Cruise and Indochine II boast gorgeous 5-star utilities for high-end cruising in Lan Ha Bay. Features like private balconies, freestanding bathtubs and king-size beds can be found in each cabin, while exquisite touches like the communal Jacuzzi bathtub, uniquely embroidered drapes and handcrafted trinkets add the panache that ties our cruise to its Indochinese heritage. 
Menu – Two restaurants serve up splendid local fare and international favourites, with a special focus on regional seafood. This comes in the form of buffets and set menus served throughout the day as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Tailored and MICE Events – Indochina Sails has a history of creating great memories for families, couples and businesses to celebrate special days. We provide tailored itineraries for private parties, anniversary celebrations, honeymoons and team building exercises, many of which include exclusive events like meals on floating platforms, dinners in candlelit caves and unique kayaking experiences around a floating bar.

Indochine Cruise

Launched in February 2019, Indochine Cruise instantly became one of the largest cruises in the Halong region, with 4 decks and a style not found on any other ship. Its 43 cabins are between 32m2 and 80m2, allowing for much personal space and a new level of luxury to fit within.

The ship features two restaurants that offer two different dining experiences. A bar stocked with international drinks sits in the sultry lounge, which hosts live music of a traditional Vietnamese nature. A spa helps passengers to relax into the lull of the bay at the hands of professional masseuses, while the 1000m2 sundeck atop the ship offers unbridled panoramic views of the bay.

Indochine II
Indochine II is the smaller sister of Indochine Cruise, featuring the same colonial beauty but on a more intimate level. 4 decks house 30 cabins, each with a private balcony and freestanding bathtub within.

Similar amenities like the restaurant, bar, lounge, spa, sundeck can likewise be found on Indochine II, but two special features scale up the luxury. One is the gym, which provides an excellent way for passengers to stay in shape during their cruise, and the other is the swimming pool, which provides another way for passengers to sink into the paradise of the bay.


To learn more about Indochina Sails, our products and benefits, or to discover our new offerings for the 2020/2021 season, simply speak with our DOSM Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang, who will be happy to talk to you at stand AS560.

In order to make an appointment, please send your request to:

Indochina Sails looks forward to seeing you at the World Travel Market in London this November. Come and discover the future of travel with us!









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