Lanha Bay Overviews

Informations about Lanha bay's geographical position, legend and history, natural features, outstanding values, tourism destinations and food specialty that you should know about.

1. Geographical position

Located to the south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, home of Cat Ba Island, spreads over an area of more than 7,000 ha, of which 5,400 ha are under the management of Cat Ba National Park. This is a very gulf-shaped bay about 400 large islands creating a huge picture depicting the scene.


2. Legend - History

Legend of Lanha bay is associated with the history of defending our country in Tran Dynasty. Tran Hung Dao chose the southern part of ​​Ha Long as a place to gather, train army and hide ships. Lanha Bay is the place to store food, take care of the wounded solidiers by the women. Therefore, a well-known island in here is called Cat Ba Island which means Women’s Island. 


3. Natural features

3.1. Topography

The density of limestone islands here is quite thick and still very primitive. It's divided sea surface into small, bays. Lots of lagoon and caves have not yet been discovered. There are hundreds of islands with many shapes depending on the imagination of tourists such as: Guo island (like a clog). Doi cave (like bats)... The stalactite caves, the characteristic features of the Ha Long populations are also present in Lan Ha, which is Ham Rong, Dau Ca, Ca cave...

Different from Halong Bay. Lanha Bay has 139 small golden sand beaches, lovely and desolate as the "blue water" invite visitors to explore. Many sandy beaches stretch between two rocky mountains, quiet with no big waves. It's really the ideal beach lover. In the blue water is the colorful coral reefs such as Van Boi Beach, Van Ha... The calm sea as the island, island Cu, Monkey Island... where visitors can dive the coral.

3.2. Climate

Lanha Bay has tropical hot climate so that tourists can visit here at any time of the year. Vietnamese tourists often come here in April to October. Deciding on the best time to visit depends on personal preferences. As many people prefer the cool, dry weather of Spring and Fall, the peak visiting times tend to be from March to April and September to October. During these months, you can expect more sunny days, a cooler breeze and calmer weather. A minor shower is to be expected occasionally, but they rarely last long enough to disrupt visitors' plans.

4. Outstanding values

4.1. Geological value

Lan Ha Bay is made up of around 300 karst islands and limestone sea rocks and can be found southeast of Cat Ba Island. As a geological extension of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is more isolated and untouched, and have the additional attraction of numerous white-sand beaches.

4.2. Biodiversity value

Lanha Bay is home to a high number of species. There are 1,561 recorded species of flora found in Cat Ba national Park, from 186 families, including 406 species of wooden trees, 661 medicinal plants, and 196 edible plants. The fauna on the island consists of 279 species, including 53 mammal species from 18 families, and 23 Endangered and Critically Endangered species.

There are 160 bird species, 66 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 274 species of insects from 79 different families. Aquatically, there are 900 sea fish, 178 species of coral, 7 species of sea snakes, 4 species of sea turtles, and 21 species of seaweed found throughout the archipelago.


5. Tourism destinations

·         Luon Cave: Luon Cave is considered as one of the most ideal places in Lanha Bay for kayaking. If you have a great passion for kayaking, you should not miss Luon Cave. In addition to kayaking, rowing is another great option if you want to explore Luon Cave. Sitting on a bamboo boat rowed by a local, visitors can see a variety of plants such as ferns, cycads, Benjamin’s fig trees, and many beautiful orchids. If are lucky, you can catch great photos with mischievous monkeys Nam Cat Island attracts visitors by its pristine features, four natural surfaces, and an enchanting and mysterious sea of ​​forests.

·         Monkey Island Cat Ba: Monkey Island Cat Ba has long become one of the appealing tourist attractions in Lanha Bay alluring both domestic and international tourists. Monkey Island is worth the highlight of Lanha travel in particular and one of the most bewitching tourist attractions in Hai Phong in general attracting numerous tourists.

·         Van Boi beach: Van Boi beach impresses visitors by the blue water so much to see the bottom, along the colorful coral beaches hidden under each wave. Besides, the water here is shallow and calm, so it is very convenient for snorkeling or swimming in the water. The natural scenery is quite unspoiled and tranquil, with cliffs surrounding beach.

·         Viet Hai village: When traveling to Viet Hai village, it is interesting to walk through the fields, on the village road and breathe the rhythm of the mountains and forests, which make you value the simplicity and purity of this place more. With the beauty of the wild nature, majestic, charming painting, Viet Hai village has become community ecotourism attracting a lot of visitors in and outside the country.

6. Food specialty

·         Grilled lobsters: Lobsters in Lan Ha Bay are great ingredients to cook with wine that result in the delectable seafood dishes. Besides, the locals have a special way to process lobsters, which is by grilling them with egg sauce. As long as you think that traveling is not only about setting food in a destination that you have not visited yet, but it is also about eating the local food and say how delicious it is, just try the local lobsters. The local ways of cooking and spicing might make your culinary experience differently special.

·         Oven-roasted crabs with salt: This crab food is not only unique in Lan Ha Bay but also very juicy and savory that might make you miss the taste. In particular, the oven-roasted crabs with salt are the most favorite version that foodies enjoy both the crab pieces and the flavor. Seasoned with salt and mixed well, the taste of this seafood can please every palate, and you might want to ask more. The hot crabs, the golden-brown garlic, the salt, etc., contribute to the success of these specialties that can make foodies mouth-watering at first sight.

·         The steamed geoducks: Geoduck (its scientific name is Lutraria rhynchaena) is favorite seafood in the Bay, which is most preferred to be steamed to keep the juicy taste. Often, people steam it with citronella for the good fragrance and healthy effects. Other seasonings can be chili and pineapple that increase the smell and the taste. Especially during the winter, eating a hot pot of geoduck can warm your body and mind. For all good reasons, remember to order a pot of the steamed geoduck when you’re traveling Lan Ha Bay.

·         Green mussel grilled with spring onions: “Vem”, the scientific name is Perna viridis, is a kind of green mussel that is ideal for being grilled together with spring onions and peanut. The fresh mussels once grilled can attract your senses even from afar. And, when you come closer to the eateries, the color completion can urge you to eat, and then the taste wins all.

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