Indochine Cruise – Queen of MICE Events in Lan Ha Bay

 As one of the largest cruises in Vietnam’s northeastern corner, Indochine Cruise has some of the best credentials for hosting MICE events in Lan Ha Bay. 

Indochine Cruise, the newest venture of Indochina Sails, cuts an impressive figure in Halong Bay. This is partly due to its size, with four decks comprising an unprecedented 4500m2 of space, but also its elegant style derived from Vietnam’s French colonial era. It is a combination of both that give Indochine Cruise its unique identity and appeal.

5-star luxury permeates the ship from top to bottom, found across facilities such as two restaurants, a lounge, bar, spa and sundeck. The mix of Vietnamese and European motifs throughout transports guests to an evocative era of Vietnamese history, a feat matched in 43 cabins decked with ceramic, embroidery, lacquer and décor that encapsulates the spirit of Vietnamese artistry in Indochina.

Our distinctive cruise route takes us through Lan Ha Bay, the southern neighbour of Halong Bay. Tranquillity reaches new heights in Lan Ha; fewer cruise boats here than in Halong means that the serene natural aura of Lan Ha comes to the fore. This is a region where silence and outstanding greenery saturate the landscape across tree-clad mountains and sparkling coves.

It is the pristineness of Lan Ha Bay and the prestige of Indochine Cruise that create the perfect backdrop for MICE and business events in a truly unique setting. Indochina Sails has forged its name through hosting MICE events in Halong and Lan Ha Bays, which is a legacy we expect to carry further with Indochine Cruise. Between a spacious ship, luxury facilities, tailored services, personalised itineraries and a range of cabins, you can be sure that your MICE event in Lan Ha Bay is a regal fit for Indochine Cruise.

Spacious, Top-Class Facilities

Regardless of the size of your group, your special event is in professional hands with our accommodating ship. As one of the largest cruises in Vietnam’s northeastern corner, Indochine Cruise has some of the best credentials for hosting MICE events in Lan Ha Bay. All four decks are fitted with facilities that convey the luxury of our 5-star vessel in a beautiful and capacious manner.

To start, Indochine Cruise features two glittering restaurants; the Tonkin and the An Nam. The fluent style of colonial France reaches every corner of both fantastic eateries, offering panache in décor to match the local Vietnamese flavours served within. The Tonkin Restaurant takes centre stage on the ship’s first deck, where a capacity of 100 guests can savour meals amongst graceful furniture and exquisite bay views. The An Nam Restaurant, located on the second floor, is a more intimate setting with space for 40 and an air of extravagance in its art, plants and embroidery.

One floor above the An Nam Restaurant, guests will find a 400m2 space comprising the Cochinchine Lounge. Like the restaurants, a marriage of ancient Vietnamese and colonial French is well established in the Lounge, all from a scattering of decorative items in a large room ideal for performances and conferences. This is made possible by the excellent sound system and inclusion of a grand piano, as well as open space at the back to be employed as a stage.

The roof of Indochine Cruise is reserved for the largest sundeck in Lan Ha Bay, a 1000m2 space of unparalleled stature amongst our fellow cruise ships. During the day, the natural splendour of Lan Ha Bay shines for MICE and teambuilding events held atop the sundeck, while the night-time plays host to celebrations for up to 200 passengers around the circular Sky Bar. This is a luxurious and unique stone feature fitted with LED lights and stocked with all manners of local and international drinks.

Tailored Services

We at Indochine cruise realise that your luxury Lan Ha Bay business cruise needs to fit your specifications at every level. Our tailored services turn your perfect trip from dream to reality, with flexibility and assistance from us during each step of your cruise.

From the very top, we offer themed cruises that fit your desires perfectly. Whether it’s a royal, national or literary theme, your Indochine Cruise representative will sit down with you beforehand to help you hammer out the details. Accordingly, we can help set up decorations to your desires and hire DJs and performers on your behalf.

For guests with specific diets or a penchant for a particular world cuisine, Indochine Cruise can offer a tailored menu of foodie comforts. Dinners will be served in the romance of the moonlit sundeck and help to commit your entire corporate event in Lan Ha Bay to memory. Your customised party on the sundeck will have much the same effect through options of sunset cocktails, canapes and wine tasting.

                Personalised Itinerary
                Indochine Cruise doesn’t stop your tailored MICE experience on board. Lan Ha Bay itself is awash with opportunities for intrepid exploration and teambuilding suited to you and your company, each found across a wealth of stunning mountains, beaches, caves and villages.
                Upon booking with Indochine Cruise, our booking agent will liaise with you to help you select your preferred activities from the long list that we offer. This can include any of the following:
                - Kayaking in a serene area of Lan Ha Bay, one undisturbed by other cruise ships.
                - Swimming in crystal waters in isolated coves.
                - Teambuilding across the golden sands of Lan Ha’s gorgeous beaches.
                - Riding a sampan boat through a dark cave and ending in an enclosed lake.
                - Visiting a fishing village floating on rafts in the bay’s waters.
                - Cycling through an ancient village on land and seeing its centuries-old farming methods.
                - Walking through an enchanting cave system with shapely rock formations on all sides.
                Each of the destinations to which we sail acts as an excellent space for teambuilding in Lan Ha Bay and a highly memorable experience for your employees.

                A Great Choice of Cabins
                Indochine Cruise is, above all else, a luxury cruise. This is evidenced in our 43 cabins, which are spread across four categories and are some of the roomiest offerings on any cruise around Halong. The cabins provide fantastic downtime for your employees after a busy day of MICE events, conferences or team building in Lan Ha Bay.
                Cabins start with the 32m2 Junior Suites and end with the single offering of the 80m2 President Suite, one of the largest cabins in Halong and a truly palatial sleeping space for the VIP of your company. Each room comes with a large double bed or two twin beds, a furnished balcony, TV and rainfall shower as standard. At ‘Suite’ level and above, guests can enjoy a relaxing soak in the gold-flecked bathtub and a reclining on the highly comfortable sofa.
                For employees bringing their families along, Indochine Cruise can accommodate with our Family Triple Rooms, which offer all of the convenience of two Junior Suites joined together via an internal door.

                Indochine Cruise is the queen of MICE events in Vietnam’s northeastern corner. If you would like to book a MICE event in Lan Ha Bay with us, you can do so on our website

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